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Candidate – Civilian director (one to be elected): Winn, Chantal

Dear OPA Members,

My name is Chantal Winn. Since joining OPS, I’ve worked at the Call Center, CPIC and Court Liaison (Bail/Charge Coordinator).

I’m loyal, morally-driven and have no hidden agenda for wanting to join the OPA. I’m passionate about our service and the hard work we do. I bleed blue, as does my family. I proudly believe in the unity of The Thin Blue Line. In fact, I changed careers paths and joined OPS because of the strong bond I felt at the E-Platoon East family gatherings. This is the type of unity and belonging that every civilian and sworn member should feel at OPS; regardless of rank, gender, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or popularity.

I want to give back and advocate on the issues that you value. Your issues are 100% my issues and I pledge to work to resolve them. My tenacity is what would help get the job done. We need to find common ground between the OPA and OPS and rebuild the willingness to work together. I would push to bridge this divide. I’m tired of the BS, as I know many of you are too. Our wellness and unity should be at the top of the agenda, before placating to the public and media…always. Let’s fix our house…together.

I’ll be visiting as many locations as possible, so please feel free to share your experiences with me. If we don’t connect face-to-face, I’m available by text, phone or email. Plus, I’m also hosting the ZOOM sessions that are listed below. Have your voice heard by voting for me between March 19th-22nd. Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Zoom Sessions:

Friday, March 12th, 11h00
ID: 798 4861 4082
Passcode: 079573

Tuesday, March 15th, 18h00
ID: 760 2549 4436
Passcode: 079573

Chantal Winn