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Candidate – Civilian director (one to be elected): Richardson, Glenn

I joined OPS in 2003 as a Senior Network Engineer in IT Operations after 5 years of consulting in the same role. In 2014 I became the Manager of Business Solutions Support as part of the implementation of the IM/IT Transformation Plan which remains my substantive role at OPS.

I have experience in transformational change management within OPS as a member of the IM/IT Transformation team which lead to the reorganization of IT to what is now ITS. I was first elected to the Ottawa Police Association’s Board of Directors in 2016. My experience serving on the board was truly a life changing time for me. I went from being an IT professional concerned with Civilian JE issues to a committed member and defender of the policing profession. I have experience in dealing with SIU related calls as an OPA duty representative and have received valuable training through our Police Association of Ontario (PAO) and Canadian Police Association (CPA) partners. I also bring my 7 years of management experience to the table and my knowledge of both the OPA and OPS organizations. Serving on the Board of Directors is a great commitment and honour that I take very seriously. I was given that honour by you in 2016 and I hope to serve the membership both sworn and civilian once again. We are facing challenging times in policing as you know all so well, I will be a strong voice for the membership both sworn and civilian. I ask for your trust and your vote once again.
In Unity,

Glenn Richardson