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Candidate – Civilian director (one to be elected): Leclair, Kim

My platform: Quite simply is “The Members”. I am not in it for accolades, promotions and/or perks.
Principal goals:

  • Work hard for you;
  • Be straight with you;
  • Answer your calls;
  • Find answers to your questions;
  • Ask the hard questions;
  • Engage in the difficult conversations;
  • Try to make a difference;
  • Have no fear.

I strongly believe that in knowing and understanding the vehicle for change and its inner workings lays the path to the platform required to bring about real change, which why I am running for the OPA Board of Directors. I have approached this election as I would any other important-serious job application and
opened myself up, personally and professionally to the hiring panel, which consists of the Membership.

I am a seasoned professional, who is hardworking, dedicated, process-detail oriented, enjoys challenges and thrives on continually expanding my knowledge.

During my 22 years with the OPS, I became familiar with many different aspects-components of our Organization, which has provided me with a wealth of information, knowledge and experience. I have two decades of getting to know and understand our Organization’s history, culture and people; compiling extensive corporate data and building in-depth job skills-expertise from holding 9 different civilian positions at the employee, supervisor and management levels.

This has cultivated my perspectives when it comes to job demands, challenges, issues and/or concerns. Some of the hot topics are supportive, accountable & transparent leadership; resources; promotional process/career development; pay equity; and wellness to list a few.

The area in which I would be an asset on the OPA Board of Directors is supporting the people. I genuinely care and have a vested interest in others.

Please know, it would my honour and privilege to work for you.

I thank you all for your time and consideration.

Kindest Regards,
Kim Leclair
613 979-1028